Disclosure & Disclaimer

  • I am a 50 year old Catholic white male.

  • I like my government small, my military big, my country proud, my leaders humble, my speech free and consider those defending it priceless

  • I like my babies born, my murderers dead, my taxes low, my border fence high but the gate wide with a well defined path to citizenship.

  • I think the USA is the greatest force for good the world has ever known.

  • I think we have first class politicians and second-class leaders.

  • I think there is more that unites us than divides us but it doesn’t sell as well.

  • I think our future is brighter with a strong America in it.  

  • I think every one is entitled to their opinion and mine as a bonus.

Stay-At-Home-Dad (SAHD)

Dolan Family Enterprises — 2004 - present

SAHD is the modern renaissance man combining a complex cross-functional skill set including leadership, team building, accounting, finance, operations, psychology and mastery of culinary arts. 

  • Maintained marital bliss for 25 years and counting, working long hours to compensate for my numerous faults.

  • Participated in design, subsequently managed development and guided launch through beta testing and release of DK1, DK2 and DK3.

  • Dolan Kid 1 (DK1) launched four years ago, graduate Texas Christian University, has gainful employment, and is on target to eventually achieve self-sufficiency.

  • Dolan Kid 2 (DK2) now in third year at Bucknell University, captain of the water polo team, seeking internships and wife with a trust fund.

  • Dolan Kid 3 (DK3) beta release in August 2018 to University of Arizona, member of the UA Club Tennis team and hoping to cement a spot in Eller School of Business.

Operations Consultant - Dolan Xitco Consulting Group     2011 – 2017

Spearheaded the launch of a forensic economics consulting firm, leveraging entrepreneurial experience to source office space, form a corporation, hire staff, set up IT systems, open bank accounts and establish the business within a matter of days.
Recently, researched and compared operations management software alternatives to improve work flow and collections. 

Interim President - JSerra Catholic High School - 2012

Provided leadership, stewardship, executive decision making.  Helped guide strategy and tactics to help permanent administrative staff meet JSerra’s goals.

Vice President - The Empire Company — 1994-2004

A family business that we grew from one location to two, 10 employees to 30 and from $1M in sales to almost $4M.   Directed marketing, sales, acquisition, recruiting, management and provided strategy and leadership as an officer of the corporation.


University of San Diego - MBA, 1997
Loyola Marymount University - BA, 1990

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