2018 CA Statewide Election Candidates

 Governor of California - Gavin Newsom (D) vs John Cox (R)


  • Newsom vs Cox

  • Status quo vs Change

  • Known vs Unknown

Recommendation: John Cox (R)

Gavin Newsom, former Mayor of San Francisco, is unabashed about his liberal agenda: free pre-school, free healthcare, free family leave, higher minimum wage, lower prison sentences, gun control and on and on - with of course no way to pay for it.  Gavin Newsom is a younger, more naive and idealistic Jerry Brown.  We can’t afford to elect another rubber stamp for the California legislature even if he is better known and more handsome. 

John Cox is against the idea of a sanctuary state and for smart immigration.  He is for cutting the vehicle license and gas taxes that hit lower income families the hardest. He opposes the high speed rail and believes we’d be better off spending that money on our roads and other transit projects.  That he even mentions adequate surface water storage is enough for me to vote for him. John Cox is not Gavin Newsom, and that is enough of a reason to vote for him this year.

Lieutenant Governor - Ed Hernandez (D) vs Eleni Kounalakis (D)

Recommendation: Eleni Kounalakis

I read that this position is a holdover from the days when the governor might take the stagecoach out of town and be unreachable. Now it is an opportunity to collect a check and fundraise for your future campaign for governor. The only other position where you could make more and do less is third string quarterback for an NFL team.

Kounalakis is fun to say - vote for EK.

Secretary of State - Alex Padilla (D) vs Mark Meuser (R)

Recommendation: Mark Meuser (R)

See Voting Guide Preamble.

Controller - Konstantinos Roditis (R) vs Betty Yee (D)

Recommendation: Konstantinos Roditis (R)

See Voting Guide Preamble.

Treasurer - Greg Conlon (R) vs Fiona Ma (D)

Recommendation: Greg Conlon (R)

See Voting Guide Preamble.

Attorney General - Steven Bailey (R) vs Xavier Becerra (D)

Recommendation: Steven Bailey (R)

See Voting Guide Preamble

Insurance Commissioner - Ricardo Lara (D) vs Steve Poizner (I)

Recommendation: Steve Poizner (I)

See Voting Guide Preamble

United States Senator - Dianne Feinstein vs Kevin De Leon


  • Feinstein vs De Leon

  • Status quo vs Change

  • Known vs Knowable

Here is what I said about Diane Feinstein in 2012, "Call me ageist – Feinstein is 79 and will be 85 when this term ends.  I can’t think of any 85 year olds that I want to be in charge of the Senate Intelligence Committee with critical oversight of the CIA, NSA and other national security agencies.  I like my leaders humble and I think at 79, after 20 years in the Senate, it is obnoxiously arrogant to use your name to overextend your career rather than stepping aside for a younger qualified member of your own party to take the seat.”  

I feel even more strongly about this now that she is 85.

Vote for De Leon.