Sex! You Heard Me...SEX!!!


Sex, it’s practically all you think about at this age, so lets get to it. 

What is sex?  Every individual has a  different definition, so for the sake of clarity here is the one we will  use:  any act of pleasure involving areas of the body normally covered  by your bathing suit.  That might be a little conservative, and I  believe appropriately so in this context.

First base? Kissing is the gateway to  sex.  Second base? Touching what is normally covered by a bathing suit -  yes, sexual.  Third base? Below the belt, ‘petting’ as the experts like  to call it is no doubt, sex.  Oral sex? Well sex is in the name isn’t  it?  You might not be able to get pregnant doing it but it is definitely  sex.  Home Run!! If you are still thinking of sex acts in the Little League terms of  baseball, you should be out playing baseball and not having sex.  You  are too young and you are not appreciating the consequences. 

The sex drive is an incredible thing.   It starts in your early teens and ends about 11 minutes after you die.   It is a wonderful gift from God.

God?  Nothing but sex is worth all the  trouble you have to go through to get it.  Our innate desire for it, at  an age when we are independently viable is a masterstroke in creation  and bears the indelible imprint of intent and thus a creator.

Sex drive is at the core of our  existence; it is the necessary ingredient to the propagation of the  species.  Without sex drive, without desire, without attraction, our sex  organs would be merely useful burdens.

Creating new life, even without true  control over design, is as close to godlike as we can get.  Intercourse  always carries with it the potentiality of new life, therefore even when  it is not holy, it is always important.  Sex for procreation is holy.   Sex for recreation is not.   Since all sex can lead to procreation, it  is to be treated as unique and special. 

Right now, sex probably just seems  scary and maybe exciting.  It should!  Imagine standing naked with any  girl in your class.  How do you feel?  Are you nervous? Anxious? Scared?  So is she, even more so.

At the right time, sex is more  exciting that it is scary.  However, nothing else requires such  vulnerability, trust, and cooperation.  Nothing brings a man and woman  closer physically and emotionally.  Nothing else can be so hot and at  the same time, holy.

Doing  ‘it’ just to do ‘it’ is akin to trading in your scooter for a Ferrari.  A scooter  just gets you from here to there, any six year old can ride a scooter and any teenager can do 'it'.   Driving a Ferrari is a privilege earned and a big responsibility, life and death in your hands.  Like sex, it’s powerful, meaningful and a lot more fun.