Play Boy or Work Man

Hugh Hefner, founder of  Playboy, is a wealthy man.  Larry Flynt, creator of Hustler, is a  wealthy congressman.  Joe Francis of the Girls Gone Wild franchise,  flies around in private jets, and never has to work another day in his  life.  None of these playboys can claim to be men; men of moral action,  men of heroic courage.  C’mon you think any one of them would risk their  lives out on that beam to provide food and shelter for their wife and  kids?


Finding work to support  yourself and your family is the primary duty of a man and you will be  tempted to pursue shortcuts to meet this goal.  Think back on how many  times driving you took a shortcut that turned out to be a dead end, or  got you lost and then finding your way back and starting your journey  over took much longer.   It is the same on the road of life; when  navigating your responsibilities, there are no shortcuts. 

    The manufacture, distribution and  sale of pornography is not an honorable business that a person of  informed moral character should be engaged.  Understand that it will  always exist, there will always be an appetite for it, there will always  be willing participants and there will always be those who see it as a  matter of free speech and thus a right.  None of that makes it right or  honorable, merely legal and tolerated.   

    Do not compromise your character,  integrity or reputation in pursuit of money.  Pursue work you like with  people you respect and you will enjoy the result.  Perform honest,  honorable work and do your best and you will reach your well deserved  destiny. 

    Finally, work smart and work  hard.  I don’t know anyone successful that doesn’t work incredibly hard  even if they are working smart.  This includes doctors, lawyers,  realtors, salesmen, talk radio hosts and restauranteurs – all of the  successful ones work hard.  If you see someone who appears successful  but is not working hard, he is a fraud and you would be wise not to do  business with him.