I Got Soul. So What?


If you believe in God and you believe  in heaven then the meaning of life becomes pretty clear: save your soul,  and it wouldn’t hurt you to try and save a few others along the way.

How do you save your soul?  By  sanctifying whatever you do.  How do you sanctify whatever you do?  By  remembering God’s presence in and at that moment. 

Hit a game winning home run – thank  God for your healthy body.  Eat a delicious meal – say grace.  Feeling  recharged after a good nights sleep – thank God, go forth and smile,  open some doors, be a good friend, share some of that grace. 

Having a bad day?  Girlfriend dump  you?  Get cut from the team?  Injured?  Thanking God is out of the  question except for the delusional and the Saints.  Chances are that as  bad as your day is going, you were not beaten, flogged, humiliated,  stripped and crucified.  So Jesus wins in the contest for worst day  ever.  Furthermore, he endured the whole affair because God his Father  asked him to in order to show men how much he loved them (willing to die  for you) and to save our souls.  Thus he transformed the humiliation  and suffering into something good.  He ‘sanctified‘ it and now you can  too. 

You might not be enduring crucifixion,  however, you can transform you suffering into something good by  enduring it for a reason; honesty, integrity, truth or because God has  asked you to.  In any case, at the point you decide why you will endure  the suffering it immediately lessens and instantly sanctifies.  It may  not relieve or eliminate the pain, but it reminds you of God’s presence  in the moment and gets you one step closer to the goal of saving your  soul.