Every day, heros.

Everyday, there are men who display courage, take action and become heroes.  Not to discount what people commonly refer to as ‘everyday heroes’, the guys that go to work to provide for their family but if you search the news you will see every day, heroes.

October 24, 2009 -

“A PASSING motorist who pulled a teenage girl to safety from a blazing car yesterday could be in line for a bravery award.

Police yesterday praised plumber Peter Connelly, 51, who sprang into action when he saw a three-car crash while on his way to work.”

“A police officer who was beaten while defending a student and preventing an alleged robbery by up to six men is being hailed as a hero by the students and faculty of a high school in northwest Toronto.”

“A British pilot killed as he saved his nine passengers by ditching his plane into the Caribbean sea has been hailed as a hero.”

You don’t have to do something heroic to be a man of courage but you do have to be a man of courage in order to do something heroic.