All About the Benjamins


People  mistakenly think ‘money is the root of all evil.‘  They’re wrong and you  can look it up.  It is the ‘pursuit’ of money that is the root of all  evil, having money is actually the root of some very good things.

   Money is a multiplier:  if you are a  drinker – you will drink better and more often, if you are a gambler –  you will place bigger bets and suffer bigger losses,  if you are a saver  – you will have a larger savings account, if you are an investor – you  will have a larger portfolio,  if you make decisions that promote your  well being and happiness – you will be happier and better off.

    Money is great.  Aside from health  and love, money probably has the biggest impact on your emotional and  physical well being.  Money is a means to shelter, to food, to clothing,  to education, and often to opportunity.  Incredible peace of mind is  achieved by having ‘enough’ money.  How much is ‘enough?‘  Good  question.

     There are two sides to the money  equation: money in and money out.  You have much more control over the  ‘money out’ side of the equation and you should exert full control. 

    Whether you have a job that  requires you wear a name tag, own a business or have a trust fund the  amount of money you receive as income is not totally in your control.   So much depends on the stock market, the economy, the business climate,  your customers and most likely, your boss.  To say your income is  predictable might be assuming more than you should.  Consider taxes,  illness, emergencies and disasters and suddenly there is a lot of  variance in the ‘money-in’ side of the equation.

   You do control how much you spend  on everything including; rent, food, clothing, education and  entertainment.  The key to a good relationship with money is spending  less than you make or managing the ‘money-out’ side of the equation.

    The first rule of money is:  Save Some. (Having money is good.)

    The second rule of money is: Share Some (Charity is money done good.)

    The third rule of money is: Spend Some (All save and no spend makes Jack a dull boy.) 

    The unspoken rule about money is:  Don’t Talk About It.  Don’t brag about how much you make and don’t whine  about how little you make.  Your money is your business, keep it that  way.

    Once  you have some money you will understand that it was never how much  money you had but rather how you managed it that made all the  difference.